how to customize maps for dummies

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how to customize maps for dummies

Message  Daisuko le Jeu Oct 07, 2010 2:13 pm

Hey ppls

Have YOU seen people walking on fm doors and climbing up the fm tree and saying 'why cant i do that' THEN THIS IS THE TOPIC FOR YOU! Very Happy

MAPEDITOR ?z2dnavgzitz download here

1st: turn off fapstory

2nd: open mapeditor, if dont got clean dl's and wz's then have these. Put all these files in a folder ?twotj4tnudd ?mh1gdwjhiud ?am01jzummwu

3rd:open mapeditor.exe then click on open and select ur map.wz (a clean one recommended)

a clean map.wz: 3GZV6AV5 (429MB)

remember u gotta have Fapstory off or else it wont work

when uve selected ur map.wz u gotta put in ur verision, in this case v62
then uve gotta select the map u wana edit (normaly fm)
FM map id:910000000
FM1-22 is 910000001-910000022

4th:now u will see the map uve selected, dont panic if everythings white just scroll down to see the map.

Now for the editing part,

soz about picture being a bit small

Help on white buttons

1: press this to enter edit mode

2: if u use this the tiles will automatically find a good spot if ur moving em close to an
other tile (usually you don't mess with this)

3:This show the limits of where the map is at ur screen when ur playing

4:press this to show tiles (floor image) while not in editmode

5:press this to show objects while not in editmode

6:press this to show lifes (npc's) the npcs you add will not be displayed when ur playing (so don't put a computer there hoping for gm stuff)

7:Press this to show footholds in editmode (footholds are the things that make u able to walk on things, you have to put these on tiles to walk on them)

8:press this to show ladder n ropes while not in editmode (shown as a green line) The thing looks like an ladder are just an object.

9:Press this to show seats when ur not in editmode (shown as a orange dot) foothold under the dot is needed or else u will fall down

10:Press this to show portals while not in editmode (shown as a blue dot and got a blue line if they are portals to another spot in the map)

11:Press this to show reactors while not in editmode (these wont be able to see ingame if uve added em)

Help on red buttons:

Note: Its probably wise to read 20 before you read these

the red buttons are only usable if ur in editmode these are basically the tools. Double click on things you add to edit them

12: Tiles: this is where u can add floor images. Click on select tiles and u can select what tiles you want. Btw in the fm the lines 5-1 are already used. Note: You cannot walk on the floor images without having footholds there to walk on.

13: Objects: This is where u can add objects to the map, theres alota stuff to choose there.

14: Lifes: dont use this button, its a waste. It can add npcs and mobs but it doesn't work ingame.

15: Footholds: Footholds are the floor as ive said before, tiles are the floor images, eg. for a jump quest like ghost chimney it has little squares to jump to and from (THOSE ARE TILES, THE FLOOR IMAGES) IF they dont have footholds you cannot walk on them, if u add an foothold in the air you can u still walk on it even if it doesn't have a tile under it. Btw u can make walls using these, making a vertical foothold makes a wall. If you dubble click on the dot at an end of a foothold, it will generate another foothold linked to the dot (makes everything alot faster). You cant delete an foothold dot that is in the middle of two linked footholds Eg:

^dot, cant be deleted dot^ , just press S and you will be able to delete the undeleteable dot ^^

16: Ladder n ropes. These are the ladder or the rope, these show up as green.

17: Seats: these r kwl Razz, make sure to add a foothold under the seat, if you don't you fall from the place you want to sit while still in a seating position (looks skrewd up and made me rofl).

18: Portals: Dont add these!!! if u add one u will recieve an error. If u save after the error u cant edit the map anymore and u gotta start over (frustration guaranteed)

19: Reactors: these cant be seen ingame like the npcs, dont use them.

Extra things:

20: Lines/Layers

this is the most important thing in the map editor it changes the ''lines'' as i call em (u may have seen them as layers).

For example u add a tile at layer 5, if u now add a foothold under the tile ur character wont be seen if there is a layer with a higher number in front of it. But if u add an foothold at layer 6 on it, you can see yourself

Layer 7 masks over layers 6 - 0
Layer 6 masks over layers 5 - 0 not 7
Layer 5 masks over layers 4 - 0 not layers 6 and 7
Layer 4 masks over layers 3 - 0 not layers 5 - 7
Layer 3 masks over layers 2 - 0 not layers 4 - 7
Layer 2 masks over layers 1 and 0 not layers 3 - 7
Layer 1 masks over layer 0 not layers 2-7
Layer 0 does not mask over anything.

21: Delete: Basically the delete button but u can also double click on an item and press delete button on your keyboard.

22: Minimap: Click this and the minimap will close ingame. This happens sometimes in hidden streets and stuff.

23:The adding button. This little tool can add footholds, ladders/ropes and seats.
Eg: If u click on the red button of foothold and click this button, a red line will pop up, thats the foothold. Same for ladders/ropes and seats.

24: Links things to footholds (dunno how to use it)

25: creates footholds/seats/ladders (i dont know how to use it)

26: It Automatically links the footholds/seats together ( dont ask me how to use it, i dunno )

Some helpful buttons:
F flips items around
Z/Y undo/redo
S splits the foothold ur working with.

Btw when ur loading ur map.wz and u click open, then the box with all the files you can select comes again don't panic, its want ur mob.wz, it happens some times. If this happens go to ur fapstory folder then click open on ur mob.wz.

That was everything from me hope that helped Very Happy

If you have any problems you may have missed something or you can contact me ingame Ign: Daisuko comment below


Origional Guide - IMarkus from Idyllicstory

Editing - Daisuko from Fapstory

If you go to other private servers plz post this in the forum coz its useful and fun Very Happy

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Re: how to customize maps for dummies

Message  Sason le Jeu Oct 07, 2010 4:59 pm

Thank you sir. (:


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Re: how to customize maps for dummies

Message  Jonathan [Co-owner] le Ven Oct 08, 2010 6:14 am

Wow! What a great tutorial 5/5 good job:)
Jonathan [Co-owner]
Jonathan [Co-owner]

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Re: how to customize maps for dummies

Message  Ocean le Ven Oct 08, 2010 6:27 am

I will offer this advice to most noobs with no attention span. Less reading more pictures!


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Re: how to customize maps for dummies

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