How to Get YOUR Pet To lvl 29!

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How to Get YOUR Pet To lvl 29!

Message  Sketch le Mar Oct 26, 2010 11:59 pm

This Will Take Less than1 Minute to get Your Pet To Lvl 29! (:

What You Will Need~

• First You Need Some Nx! Which You Can get At .@fmnpc And Scrolling to "Free Nx!" & Getting Some Nx!

• Obviously You're going to Need A Pet! So Buy One To Your Liking! (:
Actually Getting Your Pet to Lvl 29!

•Once You Have Your Nx Go to The Cash Shop!

•Select The 'Pet' Tab! Go to 'Pet Use' After That. . .

• Buy The Pet Food That Can Only Be Used for YOUR Pet! Ex: Pandas - Bamboo Stick

• Leave The Cash-Shop And Feed Your Pet Until It Becomes Lvl 29!

Note(s): Do NOT Over Feed Your Pet because it WILL Result In Your Pet DECREASING Levels. Wait For It to Get Tired
& Buy More REGULAR PETFOOD For it!

I dont think you can get your pet to lvl 29, Because It reaches the max exp before getting to lvl 30 Lol,
Well Thats What Happend to Me !

Have Fun With Your Pet Very Happy
I Hope this Helped

-- Sketch elephant

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