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Did anyone else notice this?

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Message  Facebook le Lun Sep 20, 2010 2:13 pm

Hello FapStory!

I have noticed that there is a bit of writing underneath the forum banner:

"FapMs forums! Make an account, Get active, and have fun. Fill in entries and talk to others and make new friends."

- Unfortunately the text of this writing appears to be in white. Therefor I suggest making the text a bit darker, so people can see.
- I have also noticed, upon reading the bit of text, that it says "FapMs", when it should say "FapStory".
- The Forum Banner contains a typo. The word "Cutomed", should be "Customed".

Image: (Copy and paste this link onto the address bar. You can also just click the link. It seems that when I directly post the picture, it cannot be seen well.)


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